“Just one word, ‘Awesome’. LPS handled all my needs and completed them to my satisfaction.”  ~ M. Bell 


Gutters are an integral piece of your home’s protection. They help keep water away from sensitive areas of your home to prevent future water damage. When your gutters are damaged, your home is compromised.


Gutter Repair

Over time, gutters undergo a lot of stress with water, snow, ice and debris. All of this can cause damage over time resulting in leaks and sagging. If your gutters aren't maintained annually, you might be setting yourself up for higher costs down the road. LPS Exteriors is happy to take a look at your gutters and give your an honest recommendation as to what needs to be done to get your gutters back to working order.


Gutter Upgrades & Replacements

Some gutters and downspouts are beyond repair due to age, rust, or swift storm damage. We can tell which gutters still have life in them, and which ones need to be replaced. A leaking or sagging gutter has the potential to do serious damage to the structure of your home. If a fast-moving storm or a slow-moving ice event has damaged your gutters, it's time to give LPS Exteriors a call.

Residential Gutter Installation & Repair

Don’t let leaky gutters drain your wallet. Keep your gutters in optimal condition with LPS!

LPS Exteriors has helped over 200 clients assess, design, and execute residential gutter repairs and replacements. If your gutters are failing your home can experience eventual flooding, erosion and foundation issues. If you suspect your gutters are not in proper working order, or just want to make sure that everything looks good up there, please reach out to LPS Exteriors. Our expertise and professionalism, paired with experience working with insurance claims makes LPS the perfect choice when you need a job done right. Don’t wait until Mother Nature strikes again, have your gutters assessed and repaired before winter sets in.

Commercial Gutter Installation & Repair

Compromised gutters and downspouts can put your largest asset in danger of water damage. 

Gutters do more than direct water downwards. They are a vital line of defense against water damage. Commercial buildings can be difficult to assess due to their size, so if you suspect water is not flowing properly, please don’t hesitate to call LPS Exteriors.  Maintenance to prevent future damage to your largest asset is just as important as repair, however if the damage has already been done due to a recent storm, we can fix it promptly. LPS’s experienced team of professionals both onsite and in our office, can assist you in filing an insurance claim to maximize your repairs.

We used Loudoun Property Solutions (LPS) to replace our existing roof and gutters. The LPS team did a fantastic job. The team was on time, professional and worked hard to get the job done in a timely manner. LPS is a great company to do business with and as far as workmanship they just cannot be beat. We were extremely pleased with the result of our project and would highly recommend Loudoun Property Solutions for future services.
Rick J.
August, 2021
LPS staff was great to work with in spite of the challenges encountered during the COVID19 pandemic timeframe. Looking forward to working with them again in the future.
Diane S.
April, 2020
I highly recommend LPS. I needed some exterior painting and repair work done to after the recent wind storm. They were able to squeeze me on short notice. They also did an excellent job on the repair. They have excellent communication and customer service. The best part is they are a locally owned small business.
Cristina M.
June, 2020